Compelling builds trust….don’t fake it.

There is only one word that works here – Authenticity. You need to build believable trust in the salesperson, the company and the product (vacation ownership).

Ask yourself, what do people believe in more – a list of things that are almost too good to be true, or something mainly positive but possibly slightly flawed or humbled in some way?

Authenticity by its very name, means to be “real”. So you cannot have a “fake” story that cannot be backed up by reality. If your personal or company’s reputation is such that negativity precedes you, you will struggle to establish credibility.

Trust then, is an inside job. It is earned, not demanded. It is won, not assumed.

Humans are social. In any culture, first interactions are about getting to know the other person, what they stand for, what their values are, what matters to them. From this information we answer internal questions such as “do I like you?”, “do I believe you?”, “do I believe that you would put my interests at least at the same level as your own?”. We have to achieve this for the individual, the company and the product (the timeshare industry).

This is about sharing, and it’s about sharing in such a way that we make maximum impact in minimal time.

People absorb most information visually, then ambiently, then aurally, then textually. So use bold and simple visuals – make them authentic and compelling, use them to tell a story – your story. Create an ambience that implies stability and a future – make it exciting, engaging and stimulating; let it create a mood – an upbeat one, an aspirational one; and let it evoke permanence and evidence of past success. Sound plays an important part, but it must resonate with the personality of the company – it cannot portray an aural image of who you are not. Text and words are useful, but these days, prospects know that you wrote the words and therefore largely discount them.

So what of peer to peer authentication? This is today’s most powerful persuader. We may not trust a person we meet for the first time, but if a friend of ours has known this person for some time and endorses them or vouches for them to us, our inclination is to trust them too. So use what others say about you, but make that genuine.

We might advocate making a compelling film that features authentic conversations with your existing owners and members. Remember, film is the most powerful media out there – six times more compelling than any other media.

At Light we can illuminate your story with clear transparency and believability.