The best sales People are compelling ….why isn’t their content

Science behind every sale

Selling is both an art and a science. Personality and charisma get you a long way, but so does understanding what’s going on. What is the science behind every sale which drives consumer spending?

Selling Vacation Ownership is one of the hardest things to do. To motivate someone to spend $20,000 inside of 90 minutes when they had no prior thought of doing so, or even more commonly had resolved they absolutely would not, is difficult.

We believe the process has five elements –

Trust – without Trust, no transaction can take place. The sales consultant must create trust in themselves, their company and the product. The more authentic each of those three things, the stronger the trust will be. Without trust, the prospect is simply not engaged and will not absorb or listen to any of what comes next.

Desire – this is at the heart of the successful sale. Without it, there is no sale. This is the emotion that leads to a “yes”. Desire is “want” – put simply, if your prospect doesn’t want what you offer, they will not buy it. If you do, you stand a chance. Find the thing that the prospect desires. Desire comes from the heart. The heart is more powerful than the head. It is the heart’s job to say “I want it”, it is the head’s role to think of reasons to say “No” to the heart.

Logic – this is where the head comes in. The head processes both pain and supportive rationale. Pain (a lifetime of hotel bills) is processed in the amygdala part of the brain – the primitive fight or flee part. The fear of pain is three times as powerful as hope for gain. Rationale is processed in the outer brain – this is the part that analyses and reasons. In a vacation ownership presentation, it is the head’s job to think of as many reasons as it can to say “no”. The heart says “I want”, the head says “you can’t”. Give the brain sufficient rationale to neutralize the “no” and it will then give the person “self permission” to proceed.

Desire is at the heart of the successful sale.
Steve Pentland

Urgency – this is all about acting now. How do you do it? Two ways – bribery and authentic conviction. Bribery is primitive but often effective. First Visit Incentives have become institutionalized and are now expected by millions of prospects who “know the game”. As a result, their potency decreases. Conviction, on the other hand, comes from within and describes the state where desire levels are high and the prospect can think of no reason why they shouldn’t proceed. Create conviction and get more “yes’s” on the day.

Proof – even when the heart wants it and the head is saying “I’m onboard”, the prospect still feels vulnerable. Why, because the one area of trust that has not been established yet is trust of themselves. They simply don’t trust their own ability to make a wise decision. For this, we need to offer some form of proof that it is the best decision and will work out well. In today’s world of social media and peer to peer authentication this becomes even more relevant.

Master all five elements of the science behind every sale and you will succeed well.

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